BABAYGO Soft Building Blocks Toys(135 Piece Set)


  • Early Development – Soft building blocks are designed to stimulate children’s cognitive development, imagination, and motor skills for an enhanced learning experience. Different colored stacking blocks help strengthen infants’ and toddlers’ color recognition and visual development.
  • Enhanced Creativity – Babies and toddlers will have theability to use their imagination to build birds, buildings, and more, providing creative stimulation. Preschoolers and children will learn about balance, colors, sizes, patterns, shapes, and dimensions.
  • Safe and Friendly Design – The rounded edges are suitable for your child’s growth. The large granules prevent accidental swallowing, and the blocks are made of baby-safe TPE material that is easy to clean. Recommended for children aged 19 months and above.
  • Versatile Use – Soft and durable building blocks can be used in daycare, home, and preschool settings. The design of the stacking blocks makes it easier for little hands to grip and grasp during collaborative building and creativity.



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