Submarine Showerhead


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  • Safe and Durable: This submarine showerhead is made of plastic with rubber waterproof sealing, effectively preventing leaks and ensuring safe play in the water. Simply install the battery, tighten the waterproof ring screws, and start having fun by putting it in the water.
  • Enhance Sensory Development: The submarine showerhead comes with a battery-powered water spray nozzle, easily connected to the bathtub to pump water, avoiding wastage. Your child will love the joy of playing with water while maximizing sensory experiences. Additionally, it helps develop fine motor skills in children!
  • Additional Features: This bath toy serves as a multifunctional tool, not only for washing hair but also for rinsing off foam gently to avoid getting water in the baby’s ears. When not in use, it can also act as a decoration on the water sprinkler. With its easy operation and compact design, bath time becomes enjoyable and stress-free!



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