PKS Twist Car


  • RIDE ON CAR – This wiggle car offers effortless operation with no gears, batteries, or pedals, providing a smooth, quiet, and entertaining activity for your child. Just twist, wiggle, and go!
  • SAFE AND DURABLE – The PLAYKIDS wiggle car is not only fun but also safe. The surface of the car body is delicate to touch, andthe tail wing comes with reflective strips for added safety during nighttime rides. The car body is designed with a full arc shape to prevent collisions. There are key anti-slip points at the front end of the car body, ensuring a firm grip and preventing slipping. Let your child engage in healthy exercise and experience endless fun!
  • PARENT-CHILD MOMENTS – This wiggle car features a 16.9-inch seat, allowing parents and children to ride together without feeling crowded.
  • FUN AND ENTERTAINING – This wiggle car features Co-Smooth dual-bearing technology, ensuring smooth wheel operation even under high load. The electromagnetic omni-directional wheel allows the wheels to light up continuously, while the tires are designed with increased thickness for quiet indoor play. With 20 Chinese and English songs, your child can twist and groove to the music.





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